Pont Street

  • Size: 150 sq.m / 1 615 sq.ft
  • Grade II Listed Building
  • Hans Town Conservation Area
  • Completion Date: May 2015

This project saw the consolidation of two single bedroom apartments into one two bedroom apartment. The property is on the upper levels of a grand terraced house dating from the Queen Anne Revival period. The master bedroom has a beautiful rooftop view overlooking Harrods.

KIMA was responsible for obtaining planning permission for the necessary changes to the layout and for the replacement of windows on the side and rear façade with more traditionally appropriate designs. During the project KIMA transformed the previously hidden space of the attic in the master bedroom suite into a unique feature with a bespoke Venetian glass chandelier. As with other projects, KIMA had the client’s blessing to showcase KIMA’s flair with stone. A dramatic veined marble was selected for the kitchen, while the hallway was laid with seamless polished marble slabs, and each of the two bathrooms feature inlaid panels in different coloured marbles.

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