KIMA can provide interior design services to complement our architectural services, to give the client a turn-key service or alternatively they can provide an interior design service only.

KIMA is passionate about natural materials such as stone, timber and leather. This has led them to form enduring relationships with various workshops and craftsmen, many of whom are Italian, in view of the director’s Italian heritage. The KIMA team prides themselves on their knowledge of materials and are confident in what their experience have taught them.

Concept Design

This is when KIMA talks to clients about their wish lists and must-haves; as well as the colours and textures and wow aspects they would like their property to have. They will then go away and prepare a client presentation with sketches, simple layout drawings, precedent analysis, material samples and broad cost information. KIMA can produce rendered interior perspectives in-house or outsource the production of computer-generated images.

KIMA encourages clients to be involved and be part of the design process. They proudly keep an extensive library of samples and catalogues of finishes; fittings and furniture, which helps the team and their clients, come to great decisions together.

Interior Technical Design

As with the architectural technical design stage (RIBA stage 4), this is the most intensive part of the design services on a project.

By the end of it, the team will have prepared a package of information, consisting of technical detail drawings, specifications, schedules, detailed cost document and other documents that can be used for tender purposes.

Material Procurement

Materials refer to the finishes such as stone, timber, fabric and wallpaper, leather, special finishes etc. KIMA has built relationships with various suppliers over time, which allows them to procure materials for clients at favourable rates. Handling the procurement gives KIMA the advantage of being able to control the quality and the final installation, to reflect the design intent.

Furniture, Fittings & Equipment (FF&E)

Furniture, fittings and equipment is a term for the service of sourcing, specifying and procuring items such as loose furniture, soft furnishings, decorative lighting, sanitary ware, ironmongery, kitchen appliances and so on.

KIMA has built great relationships with various workshops and manufacturers, which allows them to procure materials for clients at favourable rates. To deliver unique results KIMA often works with the craftsmen to customise or create bespoke pieces.